5 Steps to Integrate TikTok into your Marketing Strategy

During 2020, TikTok registered one of the fastest growth among mobile applications and exceeded 800 million active users. This data did not go unnoticed by big brands such as Guess, Red Bull and FC Barcelona, who permanently incorporated it into their marketing strategies.

Still, most of those who use this short entertainment video app comes from their country of origin, China. But it is increasingly adding more users from other regions, such as Latin America, and if our company is one of the first to incorporate it, we will have another useful tool to communicate with our target audience.

But how do we integrate TikTok into our marketing strategy? Here we tell you what are the 5 steps you have to take to achieve it, and thus attract the attention of new potential consumers or strengthen communication with your current customers who already use this social network asset.

Step 1. Confirm that your ideal customer uses TikTok

The first fact that you have to take into account is that most of the users of this app are between 13 and 24 years old, that is, it is the generation that will have the highest purchasing power in the coming decades. Do not stay alone with that data, and also confirm if the interests, tastes and habits of consumption of the information of your current and potential consumers have points in common with the average audience of this platform.

Step 2. Register an account in the app

To confirm your identity as the administrator of the account, you can do it through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; by phone or email. Then he works on the company’s profile, with photos and images that are aligned with the brand’s message, an attractive description of what it sells, the link to the corporate website and other social networks and, ideally, its own hashtags.

Step 3. Define a content strategy

As the specialists explain, it is not just about uploading videos that are funny or attract attention but about thinking about how we are going to involve our target audience. Because after all, one of the keys to TikTok is user-generated content, and then everything you publish has to invite your potential customers to generate their own content related to your products or services. That is why the typical corporate videos, which suddenly work on Facebook or even on Instagram, give a very little result on this platform.

Step 4. Use hashtags

The hashtags allow you to create a community around an idea, a theme or an initiative, such as a challenge or contest. But also draw attention to a brand, its mission and vision, and its value proposition. If you find it difficult to think of specific hashtags for your company, visit the “Discover” and “Trending” sections for inspiration, or even to add your brand to other terms that are trending in your sector, and thus begin to gain visibility.

Step # 5. Measure the first results

Finally, start recording the engagement generated by each publication from the beginning. Only with this data will you be able to determine what excites your audience the most, what works or not, and what adjustments you should make in your content planning. To obtain this data, you have to add the number of likes and comments on a post, then divide that figure by the number of followers and finally multiply it by one hundred.

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