8 tools to make and simplify online market research

There are refined tools (free and paid) that allow you to do a great job of analyzing the markets you want to tackle. Also to manage the smaller niches and segments. What are the names to remember? Here is your list.

The tools for doing online market research are indispensable. They allow you to obtain, organize and study the data you need to make the right decisions in terms of digital marketing.

Let’s say that this step is essential to better face the challenges of any self-respecting company. Do you want to add a product to your catalog? Are you planning to translate the website into a new language? Is there that dream of opening a new store in the city that intrigues you?

You need tools to do more and more refined online market research. Because these analyzes allow you to take important steps, decreasing the level of uncertainty. More information available allows you to reduce the margin of error. But to get useful numbers for your work you need specific tools. Some idea? Here is a collection of utilities that every web marketing expert must-have.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Google Trends
  • 2 Exploding Topics
  • 3 Destination Insights
  • 4 Talkwalker
  • 5 Seozoom
  • 6 Semrush
  • 7 SurveyMonkey
  • 8 Growing sectors
  • 9 Other tools for doing online market research

Google Trends

I would say starting the list of the best tools and tools for doing online market research from a permanent presence. And, if you want, still unbeaten in terms of effectiveness for analyzing topics over time and space.

I’m talking about Google Trends, the free utility proposed by Mountain View to allow everyone to discover the search trends carried out over time. Do you want a concrete example of the analysis you can do with this free tool that web analysts should use?

  • Search trend of a keyword over time.
  • Diffusion of a brand
  • Presence of peaks linked to an event.
  • Analysis of the seasonality of a theme.

With Google Trends you can find out if there are particular evolutions of a given topic and if there are goods searched in a period.

An interesting function of this tool for doing online market research? The ability to manage time and space for requests.

If the volume of query Whenever we look for something on an engine …is valid, you can monitor the trend even by the hour and in individual cities. Let’s face it without fear of making a mistake: it’s difficult to get a higher level of accuracy from a free tool.

Exploding Topics

In some respects, it is similar to Google Trends, only that it has an edge over the forecast of themes that tend towards growth. Exploding Topics serve to imagine the future.

The charts identify the topics that have a real explosion and that could help you identify interesting market slices for possible investment activity. How does it work?

This growing market analysis tool gives information on the specific period and focuses everything on a topic that interests you. Only problem: the interesting data is in English for a fee.

Destination Insights

Do we want to dedicate space and attention to the world of tourism, travel, and hospitality? Do you need tools to carry out market analysis dedicated to the travel sector? There is a powerful tool from Google that can help you.

It is called destinationinsights.com. First, you have a series of screens that summarize the most interesting trends but the real research and analysis tool is found immediately after. Here you will find a dashboard where you can enter your departure and destination to find out how the market is moving.

Analysis of tourist flows.

You can define other details such as the period under consideration, the type of application (accommodation or flight), and the travel (national or international). After the graph with the comparison curves between the current year and the previous period, you will find a series of bar graphs to specify more precise locations and trends.


Are you looking for a tool to find out what are the widespread trends in social discussions? Do you need a reference to discover the issues addressed in the communities? You can ask Talkwalker for help, which is one of the most used platforms for social media listening.

You can exploit the potential of this tool for different purposes. First of all to monitor your brand but also that of competitors.

However, you have the possibility to follow the updates related to a particular topic to have a clear analysis of the sentiment concerning what could be an article to be introduced on the market, a change to be made to your development plan or a theme on which to build. your next campaign of advertising

There are specific functions – such as quick search – that help you investigate industry trends and topics addressed in large communities or specific niches. All this can be shared with your work team and transformed into a fundamental resource for your data-driven marketing to support any market analysis.


Certainly, you cannot miss a tool in your toolbox to analyze the searches carried out by the public on the search engine. If you want to operate on the Italian market, so if you want to discover the queries typed on Google, there is an application to have available: Seozoom.

Why is it so important to ensure that you can access this tool’s dashboard? Simple, thanks to Seozoom you have the information you need to find out how the public’s interest in a given theme moves.

So you can put in place all the activities necessary to intercept the needs that hide behind certain requests of the target.

For example, do you want to find out if your idea of ​​opening a new e-commerce section can be considered a winner? Use Seozoom to gauge if people are interested in a particular topic and if there are several terms you can reach with single search intent.


Someone may consider this choice superfluous: why insert two tools to outline keyword research? Simple, Seozoom is one of the best tools to do online market research for Italy.

But if you need results for a multilingual website you need to go beyond looking towards Semrush. Which is perfect for an analysis of the queries typed by the audience. However, an audience that does not reside in Italy and does not use Google.

Keyword gap on Semrush.

Thanks to this SEO Search Engine Optimization paid tool you have a lot of functions dedicated to both SEO analysis and content marketing.

The area dedicated to the keyword gap between two or more websites is very interesting: in this way you can activate a valid analysis of benchmark in favor of your market research to understand on which fronts you overlap with competitors. And where, on the other hand, you have some deficiency. The tools for doing market research can also help you define the first steps to establish the next web marketing strategies to put in place.


Among the tools for doing online market research, a tool to collect the needs, requests, and opinions of the public cannot be missing. As always, I suggest one of the most famous names in the field of polling and polling: SurveyMonkey.

What exactly is this online application form? To carry out sector surveys using tools that generate questionnaires to be sent to a large number of people. The offer is endless, you can create:

  • Searches to choose the price
  • Questionnaires dedicated to packaging
  • Monitoring of a certain sector.
  • Analysis of the product, the claim, the visual.

If you are looking for a tool to create market surveys to distribute to a more or less wide audience, perhaps with the help of the newsletter, this is a valid choice. Especially if you want to create accurate and detailed reports. Without forgetting that with SurveyMonkey you can count on integration with applications such as Mailchimp.

Growing sectors

Among the tools for doing online market research, the one offered by Google to analyze growing niches is revolutionary.

The reason is simple: thanks to this tool you have the opportunity to find out which sectors are retail. In addition, you can identify the objects that have the target’s attention. Look at this concrete example generated in June.

Retail on the rise, here are the results.

As you can see, the tool that monitors consumer behavior is among the best tools for doing online market research. This is because it offers you practical and concrete information: on the left, you have the trending category and you can find out what people are looking for right now. This makes it easy to dedicate space to goods or services to intercept traffic, potential customers, and conversions.

On the right, then, you have even more precise information regarding searches within the specific category. Last detail not to be underestimated: you can set the place and time of your detailed analysis.

Other tools for doing online market research

Do you know any alternative names to the ones I suggested? Of course, there are always applications that can be replaced by more or less similar competitors. One point I can confirm: you will hardly find a better solution than Google Trends. Seozoom is also indispensable for keyword research in Italian. Is Retail Growing?

As you can understand, it is difficult to find better software. But not impossible. For this, I leave the word to you: comment and help me to enrich the list of tools for doing online market research.

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