AMP Stories: what they are and how to optimize them

An official set of recommendations on how to plan and implement strategies SEO.AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it is a system to speed up the loading times of sites from mobile devices. With AMP you can create have been published on the AMP Open Source Project.

AMP Stories is similar to Stories posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The key difference is that they can be indexed and displayed in Google search results.

AMP Stories is similar to other web pages in that they have a URL server, are linkable, and can be linked to other web pages.

Flavio Palandri Antonelli, Google Software Engineer, says:

In particular, just like the other pages on your site, make sure your Stories are linked from within your website, so that your users and bots can discover them. If you’re using a sitemap, be sure to include your Stories on that map. If you post your regular web pages on social media, you also post your Stories. We could go on, but the gist of it comes down to this: Follow the best practices you are already applying to the rest of your website.

AMP Stories should be optimized like any other page on a website.

What works for normal web pages will also work for AMP Stories. That said, some AMP Stories-specific SEO tactics can be used.

Specific SEO strategies for AMP stories

Here are the specific SEO strategies for AMP Stories. Keep in mind that these tactics are not exhaustive and should be used in conjunction with the standard SEO insurance work being done for the website.

  • Metadata: Stories AMP has a built-in mechanism for attaching metadata to a story. This ensures maximum compatibility with search engines and other discovery features that leverage metadata.
  • Internal linking: Site owners should link to AMP stories from other pages, such as linking to them from the homepage or category pages.
  • URL format: It is not necessary to indicate in the URL of a Story that you are using the AMP stories format. Follow the same URL format as the other web pages on your site.
  • Page AttachmentsPage attachments can be used to present additional information in the form of a classic article alongside your story.
  • Image descriptions: Use meaningful alt text if needed.
  • Video Subtitles: Consider providing subtitles and/or captions for your Stories videos.


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