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Are you about to go on a family trip and do not know how to take all the things you need for your baby? Planning a trip is not easy and carrying everything is not easy either, especially the cribs that become quite large, difficult to store, heavy, and not at all comfortable when they are doing long journeys.
If this has happened to you, don’t worry, there is a solution for you and that is to buy a travel cot. These types of cribs fulfill the same function as conventional ones (we recommend our guide to the best cribs for babies ) and that you have at home in a static way, but you can easily fold them and take them wherever you want. Each of them has an efficient folding system and a lower weight than usual, so it will be easier.

It does not matter if you go to the countryside, the mountains or even the beach, wherever you want you can go with your baby without any inconvenience thanks to these travel costs. The truth is that you should know which is the best to buy. There are many that are on the market and some may have better characteristics than others, but this should not be a problem for you, with that we will help you.

Next, we will be telling you everything you need to know about these travel cots and which one will be the best to buy.

The 10 Best Travel Cribs for Babies of 2020

Finding the perfect travel crib, be careful not to confuse it with mini cribs or co-sleeping cribs, for your needs it can sometimes be somewhat complex, there are many aspects to which you must pay special attention. Do you know which ones they are? If you do not know, then we will talk a little about them, but also, we show you 10 of the best travel cots that you can buy right now.

Travel cot Venture Roma

Do you want a crib that has excellent quality? Well, you have come to the right one, this Ventura Roma travel cot is specially made so that you can travel with total comfort wherever you want. It is quite compact so that it can fit anywhere without taking up too much space and when you decide to mount it in just minutes you can do it, it is one of the best.

The materials in which this crib is created are of very high quality and resistant enough for your baby to be safe in the crib, but they are also quite light materials, the crib weighs only 6kg which is very easy to transport. This low weight is thanks to the ultra-resistant aluminum frame and also extra light.

To facilitate the trip to where you want it, this crib has a travel bag so you can move easily. The bag is very resistant so that it can last you years and many trips. Likewise, on the sides, it has a mesh that makes your baby can see the outside but also provides good ventilation so that he feels fresh at all times.

This type of travel crib is perfect for a baby who is between 0 to 36 months of age, there he can be very comfortable and is quite safe. If you are a little concerned about the space the crib will occupy once it is open, this is not a problem as it is very compact. It measures 60x15x50cm which is excellent because its measurements are smaller than traditional cribs that are quite heavy.

Undoubtedly, you must provide your baby with the security that is needed and this crib is endorsed by British and European safety standards BS EN 716-1: 2017 and its materials are quite safe as they have fire retardant technology, so your baby will always be very safe.


  • The crib is very compact when it is closed, but also when it is open, thus saving space.
  • It is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability over time.
  • Its price is one of the best that can be in the market.


  • Could have a thicker mat.

TecTake Infant crib

TecTake is one of the best brands that create travel cots for babies, they always seek to bring interesting designs, but also quite functional. This is the case of this children’s crib with one of the most beautiful designs that you will find and it is also made of high-quality materials.

All synthetic material is made of reinforced nylon to ensure that the little one is completely safe at all times. In addition, on the sides it has a mesh that allows vision for the baby but also provides excellent ventilation at all times, so your baby will feel safe and comfortable.

This crib is perfect for travel, it is very comfortable to take wherever you want, but you can also have it at home. It works very well for houses that are not too big and need to save a little space. This account has measures of 77 cm long 23 cm wide and 23 cm high, which is perfect for floors that do not have many square meters.

In addition, if it is very comfortable to have at home once it has been opened, when it is closed it can fit anywhere, it is compact enough so that it can be stored in the car for a short or long trip. It can also be stored in the closet when you are at home and the assembled crib is not needed.

Likewise, the mattress cover has a zipper system that will give the mattress an elevated position, this will allow you to adjust it as best it works for you so that it is easier to access the baby and it is also safe. It also has wheels at the front to make it easier to transport, so once it is assembled you can move it around the house until you find the right place.

Something that is very important is that your baby feels entertained while he is inside the crib, to achieve this, this crib includes a mobile with stars in different colors so that the little one feels stimulated and can have fun while inside the crib.

It is also important to provide security, for this in the lower and central part of the crib it has very resistant support to always keep the bed straight.


  • It is very easy to fold and unfold for storage in minutes
  • Its size is quite compact, it can be assembled anywhere
  • It is very safe for the little ones.


  • It could include more compartments to store objects.

TecTake Travel cot

Are you in search of a crib with excellent quality but also at a very low price? Well, you have reached the perfect crib for you. The TecTake brand has very good products at prices that are crazy, in this case, it is one of the cheapest cradles on the market, but with a quality that does not compare to others with a higher price, this is undoubtedly one of the best. .

In addition to having an excellent price, this crib is very practical for long trips because it can be stored easily. Whether you want to go on a trip to a field, the beach, or the mountains, you can open it where you see fit and you and the baby can rest without problems. The measurements of this crib, once it is opened, are 126x 65 x 80.

Since it is open, it is spacious enough for a baby to be in it with total comfort, but it is also quite light, so when transporting it it will not represent a problem. The total weight is only 8.7 kg which is not heavy at all and can be carried anywhere, in addition, once it is closed it is very compact.

It is important that your baby is always safe inside the crib, which is why it is specially made so that it has a fairly stable structure and maximum quality. The materials used are high-end, which gives your baby an optimal resting surface, they will feel very comfortable and sleep without complications.

Being open this crib is quite comfortable because it takes up less space than a common crib, but when it is closed it is also easy to store. When folded it is 78 cm long, 28 cm wide, and 25 cm high. This way it will fit perfectly in the trunk of the car and they can also store it at home wherever they want.

The mesh fabric on the sides of the crib will allow the baby to see from the inside out, but you will also be able to always keep your child’s insight, in addition to that this mesh will give ventilation inside the crib and will be very comfortable.

Likewise, it includes two wheels in the front with which you can move the crib without problems, these can be blocked so as not to cause accidents. And with the purchase, you can receive a travel bag in which you will keep the crib so that moving around is easier.


  • The crib is perfect for babies between 0 and 36 months of age.
  • It is very easy to accommodate inside the house thanks to its lockable wheels.
  • It has high-quality materials that provide safety and comfort.


  • Your side zipper may be of better quality.

Hauck BabyCenter Zoo

This is one of the best cribs you can buy because with it you have everything to make a trip without any problems. It does not matter if it is a short or long trip or if you want to buy this crib to take it to the grandparents’ house when the baby is going to be with them for a day, this crib is perfect.

You can do practically everything with it, the first thing is that your baby will be able to sleep with the greatest comfort because its padded materials are of high quality. In addition, you can use this crib as a changing table when you want to change clothes or diaper your baby. The changing table is installed on the top and has very secure handles for your baby.

But this is not all, your baby can also enjoy while inside the crib because in the upper part it has a bear mobile with which it will entertain and has enough space to play inside the crib without any inconvenience.

The crib is specially made for babies with an age range between 0 and 3 years. So that it can be adapted to these ages, it has two adjustable heights so that you can decide which is the most comfortable for you. You will raise it higher when the baby is small and lower it once the child has grown so that it is also safe.

This crib is spacious enough for your baby, it has measures of 120 x 60 cm which gives your little one the freedom to play and sleep at ease, and the best thing is that it has good space, but it is not so heavy and it can withstand a weight of up to 15 kg without problems.

The mounting system of this crib is one of the most efficient that exists, it folds and unfolds in just minutes so that anyone can do it without the inconvenience and the best of all is that once it has been folded it can be stored anywhere because it is quite compact. Likewise, it has wheels in the front to move the crib wherever you want with ease.

In this crib, you can have at hand everything you need so that the baby is completely comfortable and it is easier for you to take care of him. You will have on hand a basket for diapers and also hygiene products that are necessary to change your baby quickly. In addition, it includes a good mattress and the cover in which it is stored does not allow dust to enter.


  • It has a changing table to facilitate the hygiene of your baby.
  • It is quite spacious to be able to sleep and play in peace.
  • It has wheels to move the crib wherever they like.


  • You may need an extra mattress.

Fillikid Baby Travel Cot

Having your baby safe is one of the most important things when buying a travel crib, in this case, you can keep it safe at all times because the crib has a net on the sides to be able to monitor your baby at any time. In addition, it will allow the passage of air so that you feel much more comfortable and fresh during the day and at night.

A crib like this is the best option when you are going to make short and long trips or to have an emergency crib when you are at your grandparents’ house. It can be moved easily, but it also takes up very little space both closed and open.

This crib has a simple assembly and ginning system that can be done in a few seconds, it will not take too much time or expertise to do it. In addition, it is so compact that you can fold it and take it with you on the plane without any problem.

It also has wheels in the front, with them you can move the crib at any time. They are also wheels that reduce the impact so that even when your baby sleeps it can be moved without problems. Something important about these wheels is that they are lockable so that there is no accident.

The weight limit that this crib resists is up to 15 kg, which is good enough to have babies from 0 to 36 months without problems. Likewise, for the baby it is quite easy to get in and out of the crib because it has a zipper that gives them the exit of the crib, this can be sealed by an adult if required.

Something excellent is that with your purchase you can receive a mattress that will give your baby a lot of stability and on the other hand, the bag that it includes is very comfortable to carry and easy to store, and it will not accumulate any dust once it is stored.


  • It is made with high-quality materials.
  • It has several lateral and central legs to make the crib more stable.
  • It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, it only takes minutes.


  • The mattress could be thicker.

Mickey Travel Cot

The perfect crib for your baby has to be functional, but also fun for your baby, which is why this Mickey travel crib is the best of all . Its design is fun, with a touch of color so that your little one feels familiar and likes the crib enough to play in it or sleep on a trip.

This is a Mickey collectible crib with a design made in Disney approved licensed white and gray so the quality is one of the highest . The materials in which this crib is made will allow your little one to be safe and protected at all times . The fabric is nylon of very high quality and resistant over time so that it lasts for many years.

It also has an aluminum structure that is quite light , but at the same time very resistant, one of the most resistant on the market so that your baby can sleep, crawl, walk and stand in the crib without bending or breaking at any time It is one of the safest there is.

At the bottom it has a security system reinforced with crossed aluminum tubes to make the base of the crib stronger and its legs are also very rigid. To improve mobility inside the house , it has two wheels at the front with which the crib can be moved to any part of the house very easily , even when the baby sleeps.

The wheels, in addition to being very fluid and not locking, also have a safety brake so that no type of accident occurs while your baby is inside. Likewise, the transport bag that it includes completely free is perfect to take it on a trip , it does not allow the passage of dust, it makes the crib completely compact and it is easy to accommodate.

The measurements of the crib when it is open are excellent so that your baby can be comfortably in it. It is 74.5 cm high, 64.5 cm wide and 124.5 cm long . There your baby can sleep, play and crawl if he wishes.

Although for the average the measurements of the crib are excellent in terms of space, the best thing is that it is quite compact when closed. The measurements once the crib is closed are 79 cm long, 19 cm high and 21 cm long . So it can go in the suitcase of the car on any trip, but it can also be stored at home without problems.


  • Complies with European safety regulations
  • It has enough space for the baby to be comfortable
  • It’s easy to fold and unfold in minutes.


  • Could include mattress.

COSTWAY Travel Cot

This COSTWAY brand travel cot is one of the best you can buy because its value for money is one of the most interesting you will find on the market. This crib is a little below the average price, but with everything it includes it could be considered a high-end crib.

It is an excellent investment to buy this crib as the materials used are designed for maximum durability . The tubes are made of reinforced iron so that the weight of the baby can be fully supported and any type of accident inside the home is avoided.

The fabric that has been used for this crib is quite thick and resistant Oxford fabric so that it lasts much longer , also, on the sides it has a mesh fabric so you can observe your baby at all times, but it will also allow there to be more ventilation to make it feel a little cooler.

This crib is also one of the best because it has enough space for the baby to play inside it. In addition , it has two levels that you can adapt depending on your baby’s age and height , so you will lower it when it is older and you can raise it when it is smaller.

The amount of space that can be saved with this crib is impressive , in just minutes you can fold and unfold it and store it in your closet or anywhere as it is very easily stored.

This crib has different accessories, including a star mobile so that when your baby is lying down he can entertain himself a little, in addition, this crib is multifunctional because it has a changing table in which you can change your baby’s diapers and also the clothes whenever you want.


  • It has a lot of space to play and two levels
  • The materials used are the most durable and safe
  • The price is one of the lowest you will find in relation to its quality.


  • The mattress could be more ergonomic.

Sleepy travel cot

A crib in which your baby can have fun will be an excellent option, which is why this crib from the Sleepy brand is a great alternative . In the upper part it has a play arch in which colored stars will be hanging with which your little one can entertain himself for a while while he is in the crib.

This is a crib that you can use in several ways and the most functional is to use the changing table . You will not need to go to another place to change your baby’s diaper, this can be done right there and safely. The changing mat is reinforced and has resistant handles so that there is no accident, here you can also change the clothes if you wish.

The crib has two different levels that you can adjust without any problem . There is a lower one that is recommended for when your baby has grown a little more and can be stopped. The highest level will be for babies who only lie flat so you can be safe enough.

It also has a side zippered window from which your baby can enter and exit the crib by himself . This zipper can be closed on the outside to avoid any accident. Likewise, the materials in which this crib is made are quite resistant. The tubes are made of iron to support the total weight of your baby without suffering any type of damage.

On the sides of the crib you will find mesh fabric with which you can see your baby during the entire time he is in the crib to see what he is doing , if he has woken up or is still asleep, this mesh will also give him greater ventilation to the crib and your baby will always be comfortable.

The way to carry this travel crib is very simple, to make everything easier, with the purchase of the crib you will receive a travel bag that you can take wherever you want and also if you are looking to keep it at home it will serve you very well. does not allow the passage of dust.

This crib has wheels so that transport inside the home is much easier, in addition, it is quite light, its weight is only 9.6 kg and its measurements when open are 120 cm long 60 cm wide and 77 cm high . While when closed it is 79 cm long, 21 cm high and 61 cm wide .


  • It has two adjustable levels for age
  • It has mesh fabric side panels to facilitate the passage of ventilation.
  • Its materials are very resistant and safe.


  • You may need an extra mattress.

COSTWAY Baby Crib Travel Cot

COSTWAY travel cots are of high quality and a good option to buy, especially because their price is quite affordable . This particular crib is very good because it has two adjustable levels so that your baby can be very safe when he is inside the crib. Depending on how old you are, you can adjust the level of the bed.

This crib has a lot of space for the baby to play and it can be used not only as a crib, but also as a playpen for this, you can use the two removable levels to give your baby more space to play and have a lot more fun.

This crib can also be used as a changing table, it is one of the most practical cribs that you can find because in the upper part in addition to the changing table there is a mobile so that the baby can entertain himself. But this is not the only thing, on the side it has a care box to store what you want and always have it at hand. Here they can store toys, diapers, wet towels, talcum powder, whatever they want.

Likewise, this crib is very safe and easy to move around the house. To make it easier to move it has two wheels at the front, but so that no accident occurs these wheels can be locked. The process of folding and unfolding this crib is very simple, it will not take a long time, a few minutes will suffice.

The materials that have been used for its creation are of very high quality, in the case of the fabric, it is very thick and resistant Oxford cloth that ensures years of durability . In addition, the tubes are made of metal that does not bend with the weight of the baby and the good thing is that this crib is light, its average weight is 10 kg and its measurements are 100 x 70 x 76 cm


  • It is a very spacious crib to be able to play quietly
  • Multifunctional, it can be used in different ways.
  • Quite safe, its wheels can be locked to avoid accidents.


  • The mattress can be softer

Travel cot, Sleep pool

Cribs that include mattresses are the best alternative since you won’t have to invest in an extra one . If you are looking for one like this, this is the right alternative for you. Sleepy cribs have a high quality and above all ergonomics so that your baby can sleep comfortably at all times.

But you can also have fun because it includes a play arch so that you can entertain yourself a bit while you are in the crib. This is not to mention that the space it has available is quite optimal. So you can move around the crib, get up if necessary and play without complications .

To make everything a little easier for you, it also includes a changing table on the top of the crib, where you can change your baby’s diapers or clothes. This changing table is quite safe because it is reinforced and its cleaning is quite simple.

This travel crib has the characteristic of being foldable very easily, to be able to take it wherever you want . It also includes a bag with a handle type travel bag that will make transport more comfortable.

You can also graduate the levels in which you want the crib bed to be located, you can leave it lower or higher depending on what you want. The lowest level is recommended for larger babies and the highest for newborns, thus it is safer and accidents are avoided.

On the sides it has mesh fabric to facilitate your vision, but also the baby will feel more comfortable because the passage of air will be greater. Something excellent about this crib is that its folding system is quite simple, in minutes you can do it as well as its weight is very light, it weighs only 9.6 kg.

The measurements of this crib are good because when it is open it provides enough space for it to be played. Its measurements are 120x 60 x 77 cm and when closed the can is very compact as it measures 23 x 21 x 79 cm.


  • The fabric material is very resistant, it is 100% polyester.
  • It has a changing table to make the crib multifunctional.
  • It has enough space for comfort.


  • It could have a compartment for storing diapers.

What is a travel cot?

Travel cots are one of the best alternatives available today to go wherever you want with a baby. Sometimes some cribs are quite difficult to transport due to their size and weight. This happens even when it comes to a crib that will only be had at home, now imagine having to take it on a trip, it is impossible.

For this, the best option is to opt for travel costs, these types of cots are specially made to facilitate mobility anywhere. This means that its weight will be much less than that of a conventional crib, but also the folding and unfolding will be more efficient. You will only need a few minutes to assemble it and put your baby to sleep.

In addition, a point to consider about these cribs is that they are usually very multifunctional, in them, you can change diapers with the changing table that they include. The level of the bed can be adjusted and in some cases, they also have side bags to store diapers and cleaning products.

Where to buy a travel cot?

There are many stores in which there are a large number of options for travel cribs for babies. But the truth is that the most viable alternative is to make the purchase on Amazon. Here you will find a large number of products with different models, sizes, and each of the specifications that can be adapted to your needs. Therefore, buying from Amazon is the best option.

What to look for when buying a travel cot?

What to look for when buying a travel cot?

You should be aware of different elements when you want to buy a travel cot. Some characteristics are decisive. Don’t know what they are? Well, then we will tell you a little more about them.

Tips and recommendations for use for a baby crib

✓ Sizing tips for travel cots

The space that your baby has to play is important, so a crib that is between 100 and 120 cm long will be perfect. There you can sleep comfortably and also play as you please.

✓ Easy to fold and unfold

On a trip, what you will want the most is to be comfortable enough and the best way to achieve this is with a crib that can be folded and unfolded as easily as possible. The correct thing is that you should not spend more than an hour assembling and unfolding a crib, in just minutes you can do it if you are looking for one that has the appropriate system.

✓ What are the functionalities of travel cots?

The more accessories and different functionalities your travel cot have, the better. You will be able to find some of them that have the function of being changing tables to be able to clean your baby with ease. And among the most common accessories are colored mobiles to entertain your little one. A good alternative is to buy a crib that has side bags to store diapers and other things.

✓ What are the best materials for a travel cot?

The materials that are used in a baby travel cot are very important. It is about your little one’s safety so you should make sure that the materials are of high quality. As for the tubes, iron or aluminum can work, they are quite safe. The fabric used can be nylon, polyester, and Oxford, any of the three will do.

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