Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Presenting New Citrus Fragrance

Want your fruity fragrances range to get trending in the market? While you come up with a creative marketing and advertising campaign to pitch your products, make use of intriguing packaging for capturing attention of shoppers. Customers looking for crisp and refreshing scents would feel inclined into checking out your offers displayed in beguiling boxes. Scintillating packaging with striking details about your new citrus perfume would persuade the potential buyers to ask for tester. Smart boxes for retail can call the consumers to take a quick action; you have to create value for your offering by flaunting its unique formulation and specifications.

Colorful custom rigid boxes carrying your citrus fragrance would get noticed even from the distance. Describing the top, middle and lower scent notes on packaging would aid the shoppers to make an informed buying decision. If your perfumery brand is new in the industry, consider the product boxes as an opportunity to create awareness about your business. Tell the customers about your specialty for manufacturing fruity perfumes. Have the packaging customized by a skilled printing provider to get it work your way for branding and sales. Choice of vendor matters; you can’t expect an inexperienced printer to provide you trendy and result-driven packaging solutions. 

Do some research and search online and locally to find a custom box manufacturer that can offer you worthwhile merchandise boxes. Discuss your perfume in detail with the packaging expert and any ideas you have for the box design and style. 

Tips listed in this post will be of assistance on making your boxes engaging!

Use a Lively Packaging Artwork

Design of the custom rigid boxes for citrus perfume ought to be aesthetically appealing. Tell the graphics team to use pictorial and text details that convey the concept of what kind of scent is inside. Name of the fragrance can be made prominent on packaging using funky or shiny font. Fruit theme can be used for the boxes if the main ingredient is grapefruit or orange. Your brand’s name and tagline embossed on packaging would serve as a reminder of your perfumery.

Finely Printed Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale 

Packaging for delicate scent bottles has to be sturdy and sustainable. Before selecting stock for the boxes, compare thickness and strength of materials like cardstock, paperboard and kraft. CMYK printing technique would add a coruscating touch to the boxes. Foil stamping, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination, and die-cutting, are the finishing options for retail rigid packaging. You can seek guidance from the printer on choosing a combo that can support with promoting your offering. 

Handy and Meaningful Packaging

Boxes for your fruity scents ought to be super simple to open, close and carry. If you really like a die-cut shape and want it to customize for your packaging, analyze its utility first. Content on packaging should be about the product like net weight, names and percentage of components in the perfume and date/place of manufacture. 

Don’t sign up with any of the rigid box manufacturers USA without getting average price estimation of the services you require. Don’t pay more for what you can get at a reasonable rate. 

The Legacy Printing is preferred by US businesses for cost effective custom packaging. You can have the boxes printed and delivered at your doorstep in just 8-12 days. Call the team right way to place your order or ask for a free price quote first to make up your mind!

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