For many companies, SEO is still unknown

An American survey of nearly 400 companies highlighted the uncertainty and confusion about the importance of SEO search Engine Optimization (practices to position websites or web pages in the organic results of the engines 

Google was launched in 1998, more than 20 years ago. However, the importance and value of search optimization are still not fully understood by many entrepreneurs.

The survey asked several general and specific questions, including “the meaning of the words SEO”.

A total of 977 people surveyed business owners and consumers about their Google knowledge and SEO. There were just under 400 (394) entrepreneurs of which just over 200 (219) had less than 5 employees. The remainder had between 5 and over 100 employees in its workforce, with the second-largest group between 10 and 24 employees.

The study initially asked consumers and business owners how Google ranks search results. Only 13% of consumers surveyed and 26% of business owners believe they have a “good” or “expert-level” understanding of why Google shows certain results above others.

A majority of both groups felt they didn’t have a good understanding of how Google ranks its results. This general ignorance has also manifested itself in more specific questions about SEO knowledge.

Nobody expected the general population to have a deep understanding of the terminology or mechanics that revolve around the world of SEO. But, at least conceptually, we could have expected at least a general idea of ​​what SEO is and how it works, it was only because those who work online should know how important the ranking

Entrepreneurs were asked about their familiarity with SEO. A little over half (55%) said they were “mostly” or “very” familiar with SEO.

Less than 20% (18.4%) said SEO is “very important” to the health of their business. Just over 26% don’t see SEO as a key factor in their success (“not at all”, “slightly”).

55% are in the middle. The latter group believed SEO was important but wasn’t sure how important it was.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is the gap between 55% of entrepreneurs who say they are “mostly” or “very” familiar with SEO and 18.4% who say it is “very important” to their health. businesses. Either 55% are not very familiar with SEO or there is an analytics or data problem onROIThe ROI (Return Of Investment, “return on investment”) is the income generated by a given investment, less the cost of the investment itself. ROI is typically the measure…

In any case, it seems the market still needs considerable training on the importance of SEO and/or better tools and techniques to prove their worth.


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