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Making a quote for the home policy is always a bit complex and it is not clear what changes the cost of the insurance Premium.

Quiet, in the next lines, we will answer the problem.

The estimate of the home policy

First of all, it is good to remember that in the case of the home policy there are many coverages:


Electrical phenomenon

Water leaks and breakdowns

Atmospheric events, snow, earthquake, and floods

Theft and Vandalism


 Legal protection

In reality, there are many more, but I don’t want to stay here boring you with kilometer lists, if you want to know more you can always take a look here !!

It is good to remember that these covers are optional, all at the discretion of the customer, in a nutshell, it is you who must decide how you want your policy based on your needs, for example, if you live in Palermo I do not think you are interested in the snow overload, while instead if your sweet little house was entirely made of wood, you would probably be interested in having the fire cover; and so on…

price quotation

Online or physical quote?

You are probably thinking “ok the list is nice, the matching smileys are nice, but the real difference does not exist, both online and physically I can still choose, get to the point.”

So let’s get to the point, to ask for a quote physically you will have to wait at home for your insurer, or go in person to his studio, mind you, there is nothing wrong but you want to compare it with a quote made on your sofa. house in pajamas ??

That’s all?? NO, in fact, imagine being on Amazon and buying the products you need, add them to the cart, then change your mind, remove them, choose another one, all keeping the price of the cart under control, convenient huh? Well, that’s exactly how it works on the Axieme site, maximum customization with your policies, indulge yourself !!

Among other things, I would like to remind you how much paper must be thrown away with physical estimates … but online puff, this problem does not exist, and here is also Greta Thunberg supports Axieme !!

Still not convinced? 

You are a tough nut to crack! But I believe that you will give in on this tour, yes because online you save also thanks to the Giveback mechanism!

Now you have everything you need to compare a physical quote with an online one.


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