How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing

As we are moving towards a hyper-connected world, mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. More than 70% of people use their smartphones to make their purchases and browse the Internet. With such a massive user-base no company can ignore mobile marketing.

Just like any web-based marketing, mobile marketing is reaching potential customers on their portable devices like mobiles and tablets. If you are not sure if this type of marketing is worth it for your brand or not, read this post to know.

Reach targeted customers faster

Everyone is using their phones more than their desktops or laptop these days and mobile marketing is the best way to reach people in the fastest way. When you push any marketing campaign on mobile devices, you will notice that the open rate or the conversion rate is much higher than traditional marketing.

Mobile marketing is the best option for your brand to promote products or services in the smartest way and take a lead from your competitors. Be it in-app ads or some video marketing ads, you will get a better response.

Mobile devices are convenient

As compared to our desktops, laptops and, even tablets, mobile phones are very convenient to the users and the marketers to operate. As these devices are fully accessible even while commuting from one place to another, you don’t have to worry about ad timings and time zones.

According to some recent surveys, it is being found that people are more comfortable in responding to ads as compared to any other device. If you are just starting to begin your marketing campaigns, it’s highly recommended to go for mobile-based advertisements.

Higher RoI on portable devices

Targeted ads perform far better on portable devices as compared to the standard desktop version ads. As the ads are being served in a much attractive manner, your business gets higher revenue from them. Be it mobile Twitter ads or YouTube video ads, you can expect better results.

If you haven’t used any kind of mobile marketing ads, then you can also hire any good digital marketing company and they will help you get started in the easiest way. You need to share your goals and results that you need from the marketing campaign and they can help you accelerate your efforts.

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Greater options that traditional marketing

When we talk about the available options for promoting our brand or services, mobile marketing is the clear winner. The number of options available here for doing promotion is much higher than traditional marketing.

Be it Instagram ads, LinkedIn mobile application ads, or any native mobile apps, your creative team can do a much better job in bringing more users on-board leveraging the mobile platform. As more users are now coming on Instagram, regardless of the industry, your company can outperform the competitors using that platform.


The last but the most important reason why you should be using mobile marketing is that they are highly cost-effective and will charge you substantially less. Even if your company has cut the marketing budget, you can still thrive online by opting for mobile marketing and promotions.

The main reason behind this is the number of available options a customer gets. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube mobile ads, all these are much cheaper than the web-based applications. Along with being cost-effective, they bring in more customers to your target platform without any additional funnel.

These were some important and most crucial benefits that small businesses get using mobile marketing. If you are not using this promotional channel yet, then it’s the right time to get started and thrive online. For more info, please visit Small Business SEO Company!

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