How to choose the perfect bed?

How to choose the perfect bed – what to look for when choosing it and where to buy it?

Our bedrooms are not only places where we sleep, they more and more often fulfill other functions. We are now more and more aware of our needs. The bedrooms have ceased to fulfill only the basic function of sleeping, now they are a relaxation room in which we spend more and more time. In our “asylum” we often relax with a good book, enjoy a dry drink, watch our favorite movie or just have fun.

We described how to choose the right mattress in the previous article.
Today we will deal with the subject of the bed, why buy it in one of our Bedroom World showrooms, and, most importantly, how to choose a comfortable bed that will meet our aesthetic criteria and will be very functional and comfortable.
In the showrooms of our network of Bedroom World, we offer beds only from manufacturers who offer the highest quality products. You will find beds made of pine, alder, beech and oak wood. In addition, we can offer you high-class upholstered beds. The largest exhibition offer can be found in our showrooms in Rybnik and Cieszyn. There you can find a wide range of solid wood beds as well as exclusive models of upholstered beds.
But how to choose the right model?
At the beginning, it is worth considering the place where our bed will stand, whether it is a large room or a rather small bedroom. Is the bed to dominate our room or just to be a subtle addition to it.
The material we choose is also of great importance, we can choose timeless wood that will be perfect in every bedroom or personalize our dream bed upholstered in fabric and color that meets our expectations.
First of all, we need to define what we expect from this piece of furniture in technical terms. Whether the model should have a bedding container or not, how high the headrest should be, whether the sides should reach the floor or be on higher legs.
Experts in our Bedroom World showrooms offer their help and vast knowledge to help you choose your dream bed.

In the Rybnik showroom, you can familiarize yourself with the full offer of these beds and use the professional help of our sellers.

If you are looking for a comfortable, practical and at the same time effective bed, we invite you to our showrooms. In our offer, you will find a large selection of wooden beds and upholstered beds. We can also make a wooden or upholstered bed to size – “tailored to your needs”.

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