Importance of 3D virtual house tour

Virtual reality has stepped up the league of our present-day technology. Its most popular product, the VR tour, was able to make its way into the mainstream of business activities. It is used not only for educational purposes but also in the form of marketing. The industry that benefited greatly from virtual tours is the real estate market.

A 3D virtual house tour is used in the real estate industry for a purpose of marketing properties to potential buyers. A lot of property agents are including a VR tour in their property listings nowadays. However, to better understand why they use a 3D virtual house tour, here are 5 reasons why it is important in real estate marketing.

A more detailed visual tour

A VR tour is composed of images that are pieced together to create a digital world of a certain location. A 3D virtual house tour is done similarly but with the interior of a property. It has scenes which are the areas or rooms of a house. It has navigation elements so users can explore the house as if they are on a real-life tour. 

Furthermore, text descriptions, audio, and even videos can be included in a VR tour. These are used to convey information that the visual of the 3D virtual house tour cannot express. Thus, the VR tour with complete features can give a detailed visual tour of a property for sale.

Attract more potential house buyers

Another reason why a 3D virtual house tour is a must for property listings is that it attracts more customers. Since a VR tour allows a user to visit a location virtually, potential house buyers are more likely to engage with that listing. They will have fun exploring and checking out every inch of the house or property. If it has audio and text descriptions, a potential house buyer will enjoy listening to the information as they scroll through the 3D virtual house tour. Needless to say, people are likely to view property listings with a VR tour more, compared to those without one.

Accessibility anywhere and anytime

The best thing about a 3D virtual house tour is that it is very accessible. In fact, you can view a VR tour anywhere as long as you have an electronic device and an internet connection. You can be at your own house, at a park, or traveling by bus and still be able to take a 3D virtual house tour.

In addition, you can take a VR tour anytime. Unlike a physical house tour, you don’t need to schedule appointments with a property agent to see the house for sale. You can view any property that has a 3D virtual house tour at any time you are available.

Unlimited visits

Aside from accessibility anywhere and anytime, a VR tour can be viewed multiple times. Unlike a face-to-face house tour, you can only schedule one to two house viewing with the property agent. If there is a 3D virtual house tour of a property for sale, potential buyers can keep viewing the property. There are no restrictions as long as they have access to the VR tour. As a result, these house buyers can check carefully what they like about the house and compare them to other properties with a 3D virtual house tour. They can keep looking at the property until they make the decision if they will buy it or not. 

Effective screening of sure buyers

A property agent is well-aware that not every person that schedules a house tour with them will actually buy the house. Many of them testified that before they were able to sell a house, they already gave over ten house tours for that particular property. This can be very tiresome and wasteful for the property agent. However, because of a VR tour, the number of physical house tours have lessened.

A 3D virtual house tour is a replica of a real-life house for sale. By viewing this, the buyer can already see if they like the house or not. Thus, those who will schedule a face-to-face house tour are the ones who are already interested in the property. They only want to see the house in real life before they close the deal. As a result, property agents are conducting fewer house tours and are selling properties more.

Have a 3D virtual house tour created for you

A house VR tour is proven to be beneficial in the real estate industry. Not only is there less work for the property agents, but also a VR tour is likely to attract more buyers. This will eventually lead to the sale of the property.

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