Instagram Insight: what they are for and how to read them

The world of social media marketing takes its cue and develops around the visual. It has to be this way because images and videos represent a powerful lever for those involved in sharing, interaction, and promotion—all the more reason to pay attention to the tools offered by Instagram Insight.

That is your account statistics. You know well that a delicate job like the one you can develop on social media cannot be improvised: you need planning. And an editorial calendar to bring consistency and practicality to publications. But all this is not enough; there is the analysis phase.

A phase that needs to be developed. You analyze, find out what works and what doesn’t for your audience, look for the best solution to define the subsequent actions concerning the objectives. Proceed with new editorial work. To do this, you need a tool. Previously on Instagram, there were only third-party applications, but you have Instagram Insight available. Here you can find the solution for the visual strategy.

The Topic of This Post

  • 1 What is Instagram Insight and how it works
  • 2 What is the significance of insight data?
  • 3 How to activate Instagram Insight right away
  • 4 Instagram profile statistics: what are they?
  • 5 Instagram Insight without a company profile: other tools
  • 6 Do you use Instagram statistics?

What is Instagram Insight, and how it works

The initial action concerns the description of the platform: what are Instagram Insights? A section of your account is dedicated only to numbers, to the statistics that your Instagrammer activity generates. As the official Facebook page suggests, this reality allows you to.

What are the essential data you can find? First of all, those of your audience: statistical information such as gender, age, and place are at your disposal. You can also discover a decisive point: the relationship between your audience and the content, for example, which posts and stories your audience sees.

Without forgetting the importance of following the engagement. Engagement, from the English “involvement,” is a term that indicates the level of involvement of users concerning a company or brand, often used in the field of Social Media Marketing. There are f posts. Simply put, what is Instagram Insight? A vital tool for your business as a social media manager, visual storytelling specialist, and video marketer. Because through numbers, you can have a broader view of the world around you.

What is the significance of insight data?

Through the numbers, you can understand which is the best way to get the result: to create quality content. Not according to your idea, personal and subjective, but according to the needs and requirements of the public. Difficult to find a clear content definition outside of this one.

Discover the public’s tastes and enjoy the results of an editorial plan based on a concrete strategy. And don’t build your entire content marketing strategy solely on your opinions (however valid and founded).

How to activate Instagram Insight right away

An essential condition for having Instagram Insights: you need to switch to a business account. How does this switch happen? Go to your profile, tap on the cogwheel symbol or the three vertical dots (depending on the operating system) and select the option to switch to the company profile.

Once this is done, log into your account and find the statistics symbol. In this section, you can select posts, Instagram stories, and sponsorships that interest you and that you want to analyze. But what are the numbers you can study through this app function?

Instagram profile stats: what are they?

Now that you’ve activated Instagram stats data, it’s right to tackle the following topic: what numbers are available on your account? I’ll tell you right away that you have most of the metrics you need to work in the right way. Here are the main metrics:

  • Impression
  • Content coverage
  • Click to the website
  • Profile views

These statistics give an overview of your Instagram profile. For example, with content coverage, you have unique accounts that have crossed posts and stories. While with impressions, the number of times an ad appears on a screen is recorded. It is essential to optimize your business to think about these steps. That’s is the starting point; then, data is related to the single content and Instagram stories. I leave you the decisive items below:

  • I like it
  • Comments
  • Save yourself
  • Impression
  • Coverage
  • Interaction

Here you have some crucial metrics to define the quality of the posts, the type of content that should be published and left on the profile. Recording impressions and reach and the kind of engagement can be the right way to make decisions. What do I post? How do my followers react?

Then there is the video view, a metric relating to the total number of arguments. However, the metrics concern impressions, reach, and replies through the Send Message and exits option for the stories. 

Instagram Insight without company profile: other tools

Are there ways to have Instagram Insight without activating the business profile? No, Facebook wants to push this solution to make users feel the advantages of using this social network. With the relative possibility of developing sponsorships. But are there other external tools to retrieve statistical data relating to Instagram accounts? Sure, and they’re interesting. Here is a list:

  • Social Bakers (free).
  • Iconsquare (for a fee).
  • Simply Measured (free).
  • Union Metrics (unrestricted).

Some tools are paid for, others you can use at no cost. In any event, it can be necessary to cross the data you have available with Instagram Insight without forgetting that with these utilities, you can observe other profiles.

Do you use Instagram statistics?

Here you will find an introduction to one of the major solutions to facilitate you in the work of content marketing for Instagram. This way, you can focus on what people love without going blind. Other insurance companies provide statistical data for Instagram.

But having an official voice, especially when it comes to statisHave you started using Instagram Insights? If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.tics, is always good and right. Do you agree?

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