Popular Methods for Drying your Furry Friends after a Bath

Your little pet mates are entitled to a good and fine cleaning routine as all humans do. The shampooing and scrubbing parts are essential steps in maintaining hygiene but a fluffy and thoroughly dry pet is at its ideal physical health. The pet cleaning products which include pet shampoos and conditioners are of great help with the drying process and pet towels. The drying part of cleaning your pet isn’t as easy as it sounds because a little amount of dampness in the hair can lead to skin rashes or irritation. Different kinds of pets consist of various lengths and coats which requires a careful drying process. So, there are some of the popular methods for drying your furry friends after a bath and keep them healthy.

Methods for Drying your Dogs & Cats

Here are some of the best enlisted methods for drying your fur babies after a good bath:

1-     Air Drying

The dogs with the short coat are traditionally given a good hard shake and a romp around that itself takes care of their wet coat. The problem which limits this drying method includes a left-over smell on your furniture due to rubbing. Another scenario that might be a possibility is that the pet can roll on grass or dirt which ends up sticking to the hair and turns your hard work into vain. The grass might leave patches on the hair turning it green. The air drying method brings a number of unhygienic health risks that can cause pets to suffer from skin rash.

2-     Use of Towels

The use of pet towels is another popular method of drying out the coats of long and short lengths. However, the technique requires a careful procedure that is needed to follow in order to remove any sort of remaining moisture. Some pet owners used to rub the towels in a single swift cleaning technique which results in tangles and mats. The professional groomers advise pressing the towel gently so that it might soak all the water in a single turn, and repeat the procedure until the pet turns to be significantly dry. It is recommended to use specially designed pet towels that provide more absorbent features than the regular ones. The absorber towel is another category of the towels which are thin enough to absorb as much water as possible. The absorber also soothes the skin without tangling the pet’s fur. This eases the handling of several different types of towels.

3-     Use of Hairdryer

The drying process can be fastened up with the use of a hairdryer which provides instant dry out and leaving your pet healthy, dry and fluffy. However, it is important to follow some precautions while using the hairdryer. Firstly, set the dryer at its lowest heat so it won’t burn your canine by accidentally increasing the temperature up. The nozzle of the dryer must be kept at a safe distance that is close enough to dry the hair but not close enough to burn the hair. The nozzle must be kept in motion in order to dry hair from all directions and avoid increasing heat at a single spot. The usage of a hairdryer should start gradually so that the pet got familiar with the noise and sensation of the dryer blow on their fur. There is a possibility that your pet won’t get the habit of it and might fight back to make its distance from the dryer.

4-     Use of Quick-Drying Sprays

The pet cleaning products consist of many pet drying products like that of quick-drying spray so that your pet won’t be wet for a longer period of time in damp or cold weather. These sprays wick away the water droplets from the pet’s coat and reduce the drying time as witnessed.

Various pet shampoos and conditioners are designed in such a way that they help instant drying of the fur and helps the cleaning of your pets in less amount of time.

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