The Bing image carousel displays the page title and domain.

Soon it will be available to everyone. Bing is testing an image carousel where it displays the page title and domain name.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Bing is working, on the main page of the search results, on a real preview of the image accompanied by the page title and the domain name.

As the Bing Images team said, “We’re experimenting with it on a set of image answer queries”.

The test was spotted by digital marketing consultant  Frank Sandmann, who is based in Hamburg, Germany, who noted that the results were displayed in the United States.

The new image carousel should interest everyone SEO because viewing the image source can make it easier for users to become familiar with the individual brand. A combination … and improve the CTR.

If the carousel links directly to the image source, unlike the images tab which currently does, then optimizing the images to include in the carousel can be another source of organic traffic.

When this test is implemented as a regular feature, it will be another piece that sets Bing’s search results apart from the competition.

Also because currently, both Bing and Google display thumbnails of the images on their main results but the sources don’t show until the user clicks on a thumbnail.

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