What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car AC Compressor

When the summer is just around the corner and your car AC is not functioning properly, chances are you have a bad compressor. But how do you know if your compressor is failing? It is not that difficult as you may think. With the following simple steps, you can easily diagnose if there is a problem with your car’s AC compressor.

2.Loud Noise When Ac Is Switched On

Car AC works through the HVAC system. When you start the AC it does have a little sound in the start which eventually subsides. However, if you hear a continuous rattling noise, this is something to be concerned about. A loud sound often signals towards a failing compressor. The internal components of a compressor have bearings that enable rotation of other components. If any component or bearing fails, you will hear a noise. This can also result in significantly decreasing the compressor efficiency. In this case, it is better to change the compressor.

3.Broken Clutch

The compressor needs a clutch to engage with the engine. This allows the compressor to turn on only when needed. The clutch is what keeps the compressor running. If it breaks, the compressor won’t turn anymore and AC will completely stop functioning. In such cases, it is better to just replace the clutch.

4.Circuit Trip

If your AC unit turns off for no reason at all, chances are that your circuit breaker is bad. There are also chances that there is a short circuit somewhere due to which it is tripping. There can be many causes. Either it is overheating too much or it is taking more than usual power. It is better to consult an electrician in such a case. Do not attempt to reset the breaker as it is just doing what it is supposed to do. That is a safety mechanism and should only be handled professionally.

Bottom Line

When your AC compressor goes bad, you should replace it immediately. Just follow the above steps to diagnose your compressor and look for professional advice to replace it. If you are unsure, consult car air conditioning recharge services.

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