What is employment pass sponsorship?

To be able to work in Singapore, foreigners make sure that they will be eligible for the employment pass Singapore visa. That is because the E Pass is a high-skilled work visa in Singapore that will provide them a high salary. Furthermore, being a Singapore employment pass holder will allow them to bring their family members to Singapore and even apply for permanent residency. In addition, they are allowed to buy or rent properties and set up health insurance and banks. Thus, many workers aim to be eligible for this particular employment visa.

However, to be able to get an E Pass, you will need an employment pass Singapore sponsorship. This is a part of the eligibility criteria apart from the salary limit and the educational and work background of the candidate. This means that the Ministry of Manpower requires all Singapore employment pass applicants to have sponsors for their employment visa. In this article, we will discuss the two types of employment pass Singapore sponsorship and why it is necessary in Singapore. 

Two types of employment pass Singapore sponsorship

To get a Singapore employment pass, you need sponsorship. In Singapore, the two ways you can get sponsorship is through overseas sponsorship and employer sponsorship. In this section of the article, we will differentiate the two so you’ll know which sponsorship applies to you.

Overseas sponsorship Singapore employment pass

The first employment visa sponsorship is the overseas sponsorship. This type of sponsorship is applicable if a company based in another country will send their employee to Singapore to work for a client company. The foreign company must not have a presence in Singapore and must have a clear business relationship with the Singapore-based client company. 

The employment pass Singapore visa will be given to this foreign worker if he or she will have to stay for 1 to 2 years to do a project with the Singapore company. Although the salary of this Singapore employment pass holder will be paid by the foreign company, the Singapore company is the one that will be the sponsor for the E Pass. The application for the E Pass Overseas sponsorship is manual. Thus, it is important to prepare for the employment visa application months before the designated date the applicant must be in Singapore.

Employer E Pass sponsorship

The second one and is the most common employment pass Singapore sponsorship is the employer sponsorship. In this scenario, the hiring company is a Singapore-based company. Only the employer can apply for the Singapore employment pass of the foreign candidate. They will need the written consent letter of the E Pass candidate so they continue with the application process. Thus, it is important that the foreigner will first look for job listings in Singapore in order to get employer sponsorship. 

Why is employment visa sponsorship necessary?

To fully regulate all foreign workers in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower wants to ensure that they have control over foreigners working in the country. They want to make sure that every foreigner is following the conditions and limitations of their employment visa. By tying the foreign worker to a single employer, they will be able to monitor that. That is why they only allow the employer to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa and not the applicant.

To ensure employer’s capability to hire E Pass holders

To be eligible for the Singapore employment pass, the applicant must have a minimum salary of SG$4,500. If the E Pass applicant is older and has more experience, the salary limit is higher sometimes even twice the minimum. With the employer sponsorship, the Ministry of Manpower is able to ask for the hiring company’s financial statement. This is done to ensure that the employer can pay the employment visa salary.

To make certain employer prioritize local workers

Although foreigners are encouraged to work in Singapore, the Singapore government wants local businesses to prioritize hiring Singaporean workers. They ensure that the Singapore workforce is all employed to ensure the core stability of the country. With the employer sponsorship scheme, the government is able to assess the company if they are placing their efforts in hiring locals. Those who do not abide by this are not given the right to apply for employment pass Singapore visa.

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To be able to apply for a Singapore employment pass, one must look for a job first. This is so the applicant will have a sponsor for his or her employment visa application. As for the employers, you don’t need to all these employment pass Singapore transactions. You can leave these tasks to a capable employment visa service provider.

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