What Superb Tips Sod Suppliers Near Me Give For Summer Care?

Summer is just coming and you have to make sure that the sod grass is looking perfect and doesn’t have any issues. The company that you hired to install the sod from the option Sod Suppliers Near Me; will inform you about the tips that you can follow to maintain the grass in summer.

Why Sod Suppliers Near Me Suggest Summer Care Tips?

Summer brings not only hot days but also heavy rain. So some problems develop as the result of extreme heat and rainwater. So knowing the tips on how to keep the grass perfect in summer is vital.

Proper Watering is Essential

Water is one of the most important aspects of growing any kind of plant; so proper watering is essential as it can save the grass from damage or the wrong techniques can ruin it.

Right Quantity Of Water

Almost all kinds of sod installed need at least 1 inch of water. But some require 2 inches of water. Watering more than the right quantity will develop fungus and moss on the grass.

Never Water When Rain

Never make the mistake of watering when it is raining. You can utilize the rainwater as it evenly distributes the whole area. You can do this by keeping a watch on the weather forecast.

Gaps Between The Days

The installers of Sod Suppliers Near Me suggest giving at least a week between watering. Some sod grasses require water after 10 days.

Choosing Appropriate Time

Don’t make the mistake of watering from 12 pm to 3 pm. The water will evaporate and very little water will reach the roots. The best time to water is in the morning or just before sunset.

Are You Mowing Correctly?

Mowing is another maintenance technique that has to be thought over. The main plant that is damaged by using the wrong techniques is the leaves. So consider the following points.

Blades Of Mower Are Sharp

Blunt blades of the mower will not cut the leaves properly and thus turning them brown. Make sure that the blades are sharp so that the leaves are cut perfectly.

Right Height Of Grass Is Cut

Each sod grass that is ordered from suppliers including Atlanta Sod Farms has to reach a specific height and growing more than the recommended height then less sunlight will reach the roots.

Applying The Fertilizer

Fertilizer acts as the extra nutrients that the grass needs to grow and flourish. Not giving the right amount and at the appropriate time will be dangerous.

Always Use The Recommended Product

The sod farm you choose for the grass will tell you which fertilizer to use for the specific species of grass. You have to use that product only.

Beware Of Over Usage

Thinking that applying more fertilizer to the sod will boost up the growth process; then is a myth. The over-usage will increase the possibility of the growth of fungus.

Other Superb Tips from Sod Suppliers Near Me

The Sod Suppliers Near Me companies also suggest keeping a vigilant watch over the grass for the growth of weed and fungus. Checking for indications of insects and pests. Lastly, restricting foot-traffic when sod grass is repairing after damages.

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