What Things Should I Know If I Want To Remap By Myself?

Remapping your car is an effective way to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Getting the best remapping company to remap your car is easy but what if you want to do it yourself?

The right knowledge combined with some good tools will help you boost both performance level and mileage at the same time.

Remapping your car to get that little more power is an excellent way of increasing the overall performance. However, it is not possible without the right knowledge and equipment.

You can seriously harm your car if you do it wrong. If you want to remap your car yourself rather than paying someone else, the following guide should prove useful.

You Can Do Irreversible Damage to Your Engine

Remapping will give the engine more power and better fuel consumption. But what happens if you don’t know how to remap? The result could mean irreparable damage to your engine, increased fuel consumption, pollution, and, in the most critical cases, a ruined engine.

Remapping a car’s ECU is a performance mod and there is always that risk that something could go wrong.

Remapping a car’s ECU requires a good understanding of the ignition system, as well as good working knowledge of the engine, remap itself, so you know where to eliminate any problems that may arise.

Like with every modification you do, there is risk involved especially if done improperly.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will sort of run, but it will ruin everything over time, from the turbo to the ignition — there’s nothing you will be able to do to fix it.

Take your time and find out who is reputable and won’t break your wallet while you are at it.

You Can Damage the Immobilizer

There are cases when the remapping device has damaged the immobilizer. And it’s not always easy to fix.

Your keys may also stop working and if a duplicate key is incorrectly coded into your vehicle’s immobilizer, it can cause expensive permanent damage.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when remapping values for your immobilizer.

You, Will, Invalidate Your Warranty

If you remap your car, it will invalidate your warranty.

Plugging in remapping devices wrongly can damage your components and invalidate your warranty which will result in replacement costs.

By remapping your car and using it for purposes other than its intended use, you might increase your risk of personal injury as well as damage to property.

Always check for the correct device model through the “serial number” label. Backup your ECU’s data before performing any read/write operations on the chip.

Bottom Line

Sending a car to the specialist means it would take so much time for you to get back your vehicle, and you might even need to pay an expensive charge. However, you can save money by remapping your car yourself at home.

But, know these things first before proceeding to avoid any irreparable damage to save yourself from any unnecessary costs.

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