What Will A Bad Fuel Injector Do?

Fuel injector tester machine is essential element to lead clean and efficient combustion. Therefore, they are a crucial part of the car’s engine. Just like any other part of a car, these too need to be maintained regularly. If not maintained, they clog and halt the engine’s proficient functioning. 

Fuel Injectors

What Are Fuel Injectors And Why They Are Important?

The purpose of fuel injectors is to supply fuel to the engine. Fuel injectors are small electrical components that deliver the right amount of fuel at the right time into the intake manifold. The atomizing nozzle of the injector is responsible to distribute fuel evenly for greater efficiency. They have a wire that contains an electrical current that helps in actuating the pistons. Through nozzle, the fuel injector sprays fuel into the cylinder of the engine. It maintains the pressure, time, angle, and pattern while spraying the fuel. 

The ECU ( Engine Control Unit) controls the process of fuel injectors through the sensors. These sensors attached to the engine notify the ECU and it, in turn, determines the efficiency. 

What Can a Bad Injector Cause?

1- Poor Engine Performance:

As the fuel injectors go bad, due to debris of any other technical faulty, it negatively affects the engine’s performance. A good fuel injector maintains optimum combustion by providing an appropriate amount of fuel at the right time to the engine’s cylinder. A bad fuel injector means that it will not be able to provide the required amount of fuel on the right thus halting the normal engine combustion. This can leave you stranded any time and anywhere, so it is better to identify the symptoms on time. 

2- Bad Fuel Economy:

It is most probable that your car will consume considerably more fuel than ever when fuel injectors are damaged. Because the bad fuel injectors become unable to supply an exact amount of fuel and may pour an excessive amount into the cylinder. It will make your car consume more fuel, therefore, wasting your money. 

3- Unstable Driving Experience :

The variating fuel supplies to the engine affects your driving experience. While driving, the engine may misfire when a limited amount of fuel is supplied to the engine. In the contrast, when excessive fuel is injected into the engine, it will catch the speed and accelerate slowly. The bad injectors can make an uncomfortable drive. 

4- Weird Car Idling State:

It is an idle state for a car when it is in rest position but the engine works. The irregular fuel supply to the engine will make persisting effects on the car. It causes an uneven idle state due to improper mixing of air and fuel. Be it the condition of more air and less fuel or the other way around, it will cause a rough idle state.

5- Difficulty in Starting the Engine:

It takes a great deal of fuel to the engine to start a car. But when the injector does not supply it, it may become difficult to start. It is usually due to clogged injectors but may also happen due to fuel injector leakage. If the injectors are clogged completely, it may take it eternal to start the engine. 

6- Engine can Catch Fire:

As long as the injectors are malfunctioning due to a technical issue that may not cause a risk of fire. But if the fire injector’s outer core wears out, it will cause a fuel leakage through the body and will be accumulated. And as the engine produces heat, the accumulated fuel is more likely to catch fire and set the engine ablaze. 

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